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Sunday, 16 August 2009

Waistcoats Ceramic buttons

Buttons are about inch and a half in length, brought at Sew Creative, they have a lovely texture.


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I am trying really hard to knit from the yarns i have. This vest or waistcoat is knitted in Silk Garden light. My own design with a wave crotched edging, ceramic buttons and crochet tie. It is based on my lovely feather and fan design. Knitted in one piece to the arm holes. It took ten balls of yarn and the colours remind me of the sea and beach.It took about 10 days to make.

Invasion of the stinging kind

On friday Martin climbed into one of the 2 little attics and quickly came scumbling down again. He was greated with a large 2ft wasp nest that had grown over one of the air blocks. it contained thousands of wasps. After persuading him not to tacle it himself we got a pest controller in who sprayed it with wasp poison. it was one of the largest nests he'd ever seen and he said it containeda lot of wasps. Apparently a few hundred drones can build a very large nest in a matter of weeks, ours had the humidity of the bathroom and an air vent, to make it a popular nest choice. Its not to be touched for a few days, and we may need him back again.It's amazing to think that we could have had these little house guests so close by but not known it. We came down with the sniffles, we think the powder did that, but poor Lily was really ill, being sick etc, we think she might have investigated the poison can lid.
On a brighter note, Cousin Mick and i were interviewed by the Cambridge Daily News about our rare bone complaint and ity was published in saturdays was a good article, though my photo was not too great. Alice Ryan the reporter loved Micks cheeky wit, even when he tried to flirt with her.
craft wise i have just finished one waistcoat and two thirds through another, i am trying to be good and start using up my stash. Photo,s to come later. Other than that we and the ark remain much the same.

Wednesday, 12 August 2009

Afternoon tea with a difference

After many months i have finished one of my Debbie Abraham blankets. I brought the yarn half price on Ralvery, because it's seller no longer wished to knit it. i have changed some of the colours and squares of the original design, plus i crotched a boarder and added extra beads I loved knitting it, and became addicted to bead knitting in the process. Its over 5ft square and weighs a ton. The original design was too pink for me,so i substituted blues and teals in some squares.Now to find a home for it.

Gold sprayed landscape

The third picture shows the same scene sprayed with gold paint, which does cover the area to create a uniformed scene. The whole exercise was based on textured knitting, how to create texture in stitch with only knit and purl stitches, and how to create line and form in knitting. At a latr date, the lines,shapes etc. in this scene could be used in designing a pattern for a garment or object.

landscape sprayed blue

The second picture shows the scene spray painted blue, but the paint does not cover the images very well.

original textured landscape

This is a picture of an exercise for my Part 3 City and Guilds knitting course. We had to find a picture of a landscape and re produce it in 3d. The picture is made up of a variety of things, pasta, string,ribbon, paint,gallery glass, lobelia, seeds,rice, shells etc.

Sunday, 9 August 2009

Finished at last

It's a red letter day as i have at long last finished module 1 of my City and Guilds hand knitting course. i began this module in April, so it has taken me just about 4 months. Even though i have been knitting for years, i feel as if i have learnt alot, and my memory has been refreshed on other things. It also means that i can go away and be refreshed before i start module 2.
unfortunately the dogs have not been too well this week. we took them to Royston heath on Thursday, and though the sky was over cast, i think it was too hot for them, 3 of them were down with sickness and heat exhaustion, we will check the temperature next time, nothing over 18 for a walk. Tumi, bless her has sprained her back and cannot stand very well. She is lovingly being looked after, by us and the others gentle nudge her. Sitting down with her has made me conscentrate on finishing the module. She is a little better, but can only walk a couple of steps.Lily can't understand why her best friend won't play with her.
bye for now.

Sunday, 2 August 2009

But i don't want to get out , i like it in here.

Simba in his favourite element water and mud, he loves it so, he can still swim further than all of the others, but with young Lily to keep him fit, he is not going to be allowed to become old and staid


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Since i posted a picture of the girls, i had better post one of the boys, this is Merlin on one of there Waterbeach walks. Though the second biggest he is still the lowest ranking in the pack

Lily and her sand pit

lily looking for treats in her sand pit. This is our way of trying to stop her from digging up the flower pots, burying treats for her to find. She stopped all the others getting in, found all the sweets, then dug into the flower pots.

Baby surprise Jacket

Baby surprise Jacket
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My first attempt at knitting a baby surprise jacket. a jacket knitted all in one piece, which look's really strange as you knit it !

All girls together

All girls together
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Same group, wondering why we are disturbing there sleep!!!

We 3 Girls

We 3 Girls
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All three girls taking an afternoon nap on the sofa. the boys are on the floor. Nearest is Tumi, then her best pal in all the world, Lily, and Missy is furthested away.

Ethipian Tryptic

Ethipian Tryptic
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i painted this on tea stained silk a year ago, it was used as a part of a resent exhibition in the old stables of Fulbourne manor Fulbourne. The piece was made after an exercise using Ethiopianwall paintings. It is draw with water colour pencils, silk painted, embroidered and mounted on canvass.

ice maiden

ice maiden2
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Another stash busting wrap, using 6 balls of cream blur, feather and fan pattern, with beaded picot crochet edges and tassels. I made this for the summer evenings on the cruise.

Manos Shawl

Manos Shawl
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several years ago i brought 3 balls of Manos from Cottenham, this year they had the same colour so i brought another 2. Manos silk blend is really soft and warm. when i finished it, it looked rather bland, so i have crotched around the boarder, added beads, tassels and one extra thick crotched boarder, in order to add interest.. The wrap is made extra long, it's over 3 feet, in order to be able to attach it on the shoulder or chest or in the middle. i have also made a pin for it. It was a great stash busting exercise, though i did have to buy the Debbie Bliss,silk double knit for the contrast wool

Gerbera brooch

Gerbera brooch
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a Small brooch made at a recent crochet workshop i attended at John Lewis, made with organic cotton and kidsilk haze, backed with a safety pin. i really enjoyed this workshop and brushed up on skills. other pins to follow at a later date

Simba and chicks

Simba and chicks
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The 5 chickens and roosters were knitted in Rowan Organic cotton, each bird will have a little of the relevant dogs fur inside. The big bird, simba is already stuffed, but the others are waiting to be finished. eventually they will sit with legs dangling in the Conservatory. Pattern orginally adapted from a Rowan kit

The past two months

It has beenages and ages since i have blogged, two reasons, one painful hand, and a busy Martin who hasn't had time to take photos etc. So now its time for a bit of a catch up.
martin has finished University for this year, and goes back in september to write his disertation and to take a couple of extra modules. I am so proud of him as he won the Student of the year award.Not for marks etc, but for over coming his dyslexia, reallyhelping other people in many different ways, for contributing as a student rep and helping fellow students. Only one student a year gets the ward from over 20,000 students. So he has done really well.
The hounds are all fine as later photographs will show. Simba is now 11, Lily remains a full of energy as ever. She has been helping Martin to put anextension on the garden room,cutting his wood up into bit size chunks for him and re distibuting all the plants.
i have been trying to rest as my legs do not like me too much at the moment. Plus my left hand is not too good.I have been for umpteen tests and things, at one point i was lighting up the national grid with over 9 amps of electricity being pumped through my arm. I have 2 elbows on one arm, and the surgeon whats to make sure he knows where everything is, before he operstes. Otherwie i have been knitting,crocheting and sewing as usual.
i have also joined face book and am slowly learning how to use it.
we are slowly getting ready for our holiday in September, our 1st in 4 years. Both of us can't wait, we hope to cruise around some of the greek islands such as santorini,crete etc then the second week go to venice, spit and other ports in croatia. Hopefully the sail will be calm and the places interesting.
Enjoy the following photo's.

Sunday, 7 June 2009

Her Royal Highness, the Empress Sophie

I have recently been knitting with Sublime wool, as you can see Puss has taken a real liking to the texture, and has claimed my knitting wool as her own. She sat in this box, with her head on a ball of wool for several hours, not moving. Not for her the sofa, only the best is good enough for the grey queen.
i had not realised thats it's been over a month since i have written. it has been a busy month. Martin has had exams and essays, he has nearly finished his third year of Computer Sciences. He was awarded outstanding student rep of the year for the second year running.I was so pleased for him. Next term is his Dissertation and maybe an extra module or 2 to help him fing work.
As for me, i have been on a Spinning day, two workshops, one with Debbie Abraham on colour and one with Emma King on knitting jewellery, both of which i really enjoyed and learnt alot. I have continued with my course work, knitted, painted etc and enjoyed the weather.The dogs are fine, though the dreaded baby hedgehog continues haunt them. Now they have the birds to worry about, there is no knowing the damage a baby black bird can do.
We have also been to the cinema to see Star Trek, Night at the Museum 2 and Wolverine, all of which we loved. Plus days out at the Strawberry fair, Waterbeach Barracks open day, Sue Ryder Craft day and fair and chips by the Milton Island on a moon lit night. Martin only takes me to the best places to dine.
Craft wise, i have managed to finish, some jewellery, a baby surprise jacket, a white shawl with beads and 2 Noro sock yarn shawls, one large and one small. I am 2 thirds of the way through the afternoon tea blanket, though behind with my Mystery one.
Unfortunately i have had to travel to the hospital a fair bit as i am having problems with my left hand, i cannot feel anything in much of it. X rays have shown that i have 3 bony nodules growing on various nerves, which is what is causing the trouble, but due to my unusual 2 elbows, they are being very careful before desciding if and when to operate. In the meantime, i can still knit etc, but i drop things more.
Lily the lille minx, continue to give us hours of pleasure. She is just so bright that she runs rings around the others. In order to stop her from digging up the tubs, we put sand in the plastic pool and buried treats in it for her to dig and find. Now she allows no one near HER pond and she has managed to put sand every where, yes she still digs into the pots. The dogs have new found friends, a family of ( in their minds Fearsome )hedgehogs, who live at the end of the garden and who make nightly raids, behind the pots, snorting as they go. I have had several very large dogs trying to sit on my lap, whilst these pretty little creatures get on with there nights work. Hedgehogs might eat Goldies, or at least bite, in a goldies eyes. If that was not enough, those humans have encouraged vast flocks of birds to eat from the bird table. Hundreds and hundreds of birds that won't stay still to be caught and played with.

Wednesday, 29 April 2009

Aren't i a handsome boy!!!

My new picture for Ralvery, this is a really good picture of Merlin, Simba's son. He like Simba was madly in love with the girls at mating time. He really wanted to get to them, so much, he broke one of the garden rooms veranda poles. But we would not allow the loving couples to meet, so Merlin, like Simba made the best of trying to show the girls how handsome he really was. Love does not run smoothly for Goldies, maybe next year.

Goodies from Petronella for the Fairy Tale swap

My swap package from Petronella in Sweden for the Fairy Tale Spring swap, Based on Beauty and the beast, the soap and candle were for Beauty, the Beast was to be lightened up by the Yarn, i also received a stitch holder, needle gauge and circular needles plus a scarf pattern. Great swap

Mud tracks in the water

Washing off all that mud!

Tumi in the Field

Tumi in the Field
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Tumi has grown into a real stunner, here she is trekking.

Just going for my mud bath, its good for the coat i'm told

Simba having a mud bath, there is nothing in the worldas good as mud!!!

Simba in Love!!!!

Simba in Love!!!!
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Simba last week, a prisoner of the verander, he loves the girls, but cruel us are keeping him from them. Life is hard for a goldie in love.

My garden

My beutiful garden
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Recently Martin has been putting up hanging baskets, planting flowers and reovating the verander of my garden room. It really looks lovely, the baskets are full of colour and my work room looks splendid after painting and new veranda poles. We sit and eat up there, watch tv outside and we can have a dog free zone as well. The paddling pool is there for the dogs to cool off, i now have a secure spinning spot.

Monday, 30 March 2009

I didn't do it, a big dog did and ran away

What can you say! here is proof that our Lily is just as naughty as Marley. Caught red handed, with the content box in her mouth. Borrowed and eaten from the window sill. What can you say?

All 5 together

All 5 together
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Last week Martin and i went to see the wonderful film Marley and Me, about a really dis obediant but much loved dog. We laughed and cried, and smiled and nodded heads as we relieved some of the antics of our dogs. But we came out of the cinema realising how lucky we were to have them. It's true what the author says, give a dog your heart and he will give you his. This picture shows our five swimming like otters in pool, at the weekend. Yes they did shake over everyone!

Wednesday, 25 March 2009

I'm tired and i want to go to bed

Simba was brought to keep Poppy Company, as Sam my old Goldie died when Poppy was 1. She went into a deep depression and really did not come out of it untill Simba was over a year old. By then, he had grown up into a big boy, and it was a toss up between him and the male fox, who lived on the common, who would father her babies. Simba won, and between them they sired many pups. She had them, Simba and the others looked after them, whilst she sat and supervised from the sofa. Simba, at rest, Lily has gone to sleep, the others are dozing, so now a poor hard working dog, can try to get a bit of shut eye. Because Poppy would not play with him as a pup, due to her depression, we had to get Mishka, but that's another story.

Dancing tree for a delicate lady

This beutiful cherry tree was planted in the memory of my lovely Popppy, my dear dancing lady, who though the smallest of our pack of retrievers, ruled her pack with a will of iron. she was a fun loving,flirt, with delicate manners. She told me when it was time to fo to bed and when to share my tea. A Royal princess of dog's,who is much missed.

The black sheep of the family

Knitted from a sirdar kit, this cheeky chap reminds me that the spring is here!

Emily's cushion 4

Emilies cushion 4
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Emily's cushion 3

Emilies cushion 3
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Emily's cushion 2

Emilies cushion 2
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Emily's cushion 1

Emilies cushion 1
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Emily's Cushions

For the last few months i have been asking people to knit a square for Emily ( Stitched Rabbit)to make a house warming present, it was her first home and a first home is always special. Several members from the group, including Megknit , Rosanglaise, Sockmum, Frizzyknits.Dasma, Lucybeth and myself, contributed squares to make up cushions. I gave them to Emily, with all our love, last week , and she loved them.

Saturday, 14 March 2009

inca mist beaded corsage

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Made for the Olivia inca mist coat, croched and beaded

Inca Mist coat

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Knitted with grey alpaca wool, in feather and fan, rib and mesh stitch, with beaded corsarge

I thought i saw a pussy cat?

Sophie hidde amongst the clothes, peeering out and the world, peering into her

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I want to be alone

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I want to be alone !

Most of the photos so far on my blog have been of the dogs. But i also have a cat Sophie, a beautiful, grey, fawn and pink at with long fur and grey green eyes. She resembles the American Calico cats and came from an animal rescue centre called HOPE, in Norfolk. I wanted a bagpuss type of cat, who sat on my lap and purred. instead i have the Atilla the Hun of cats, who has claimed the entire neighbourhood for her territory. As for those inferior beings, dogs and humans, why should she care about them, she rules us all with an iron paw. Every cat rival is lead back to the garden to be dispossed of by her golden servants. Humans are either bitten or licked, depending on if she likes you or not. She costs far more to keep than the five goldies and has played havoc with ornaments,plates and dishes. She is really beutiful, and sometimes conescends to sit by my shoulders. This picture shows her sitting in one of the drwas of the wardrobe, sulking after i have just combed her through. She does allow me to comb her, but woe betide the hands others who try.

Today, i finished my grey Olivia coat, made from alpaca, in a kit Martin brought me for Christmas.Based on feather and fan, lace and rib stitches, made from wool produced by local alpacas. have also photographed the Origins wool coat, that i finished a little while ago. I haven't worn the alpaca yet, but the Origins jacket is really warm, great for the cold days that we have just had.

Wednesday, 11 March 2009

Swap information

Ravelry name, **Goldenneedles** name

Frances Small

73 Hawkins Road


Your favorite fairytale? My favourite tale is Beuty and the Beast, My second is not strictly a fairy tale. The Lord of the rings Pick two in case one of them isn’t widely published.

Which spring goddess/May Queen appeals most to you? Again not strictly a spring goddesss, but Isis the Egyptian Goddess of love and fertility or Maat the Goddess of truth and Justice

Do you garden? I love the garden, but due to poor mobilty, my husband now does it for me

What’s you favorite yarn weight? Anything hand dyed and natural Color? Colours of the sea, spring, ethnic colours or naturals. i love deep rich colours. Not black or orange or pastels other than lila. i also love turqoise and teal

Do you have any fiber allergies? Not good with mohair it makes me itch. Not too keen on chunky, its to thick for me.

Do you spin? yes. Any special fibers or colors you like? Again not pastels or orange or yellow

What sorts of sweets do you like? Mints,humbugs etc,

Do you have any food allergies? Yes, fish, plus i have Chrohns disease so i have to be careful what i eat.
Do you drink tea or coffee while knitting or reading? If so, is there any particular variety or flavor? I drink teas and coffes, i like most things but not mint,green or camomille

As usual, suggestions and additions will be most welcome.

I love many forms of arts and crafts, i knit, sew, crochet, embroider, spin, weave, silk paint and textile manipulate. I pachwork and quilt, make books, felt etc

I like beads, buttons, threads, books etc

I adore my Goldies,

I also like angels, dragonflies, the sea, nature, elephants, woods, hedgehogs, sheep, anything ethnic, hand made paper, fairy tales, travel, the Armish ,histoical crimes and mysteries, ie Sherlock Holmes, Cadfael

I cannot wear socks due to poor circulation. I am textile holic.

Tuesday, 10 March 2009

simba with new toy

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presents from a recent swap

My Ball!!!

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It,s mine

It.s my ball

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he's got my ball

Monday, 9 March 2009

We Three Kings

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After several weeks of dotting this picture mosaic style, then flooding it with colour, then dotting again, my painting of the Three Kings, based on the paintings at Knossos, was finally finished. It now needs to be embroidered upon and hung. The colours are very earthy and unusual for me to use. But i am pleased with the results. It's over 2 years since we visited Knossos, so the painting has taken it's time in formation. It was to have been my Christmas card cover, well there is always next year.
One Queen, three times
I have just found these pictures of Lily and Simba in the garden, the sofa no longer exsists, she's eaten it! But these pictures are just so cute , they remind me of why i love my goldies so.

Sunday, 22 February 2009

Spring fever and Aida

It was Textile in focus this week end, an annual textile meeting with stalls, workshops and exhibitions, full of yummy threads, wools, beads etc. I promised myself that i would be restrained and not buy much, but yes some of the products were just to tempting, some lovely lilac lace yarn crept in my basket, then some patterns i could not resist, then some sheep buttons, a book on Free form crochet and Woolly workshop became my Nemesis, 2 hanks of Alpine baby for ponchos, help i am a textile addict. I had wanted to do some workshops, but my energy levels were just not high enough.never mind there is always next year. It was great to meet Avril, Dinah, Jennifer and others there and compare wools threads etc

Buds are beginning to poke there heads up in the garden, and there is definitely a feeling of spring in the air, even the birds are beginning to sing there hearts out. Lily is helping to propagate,by bringing large plant pots into the conservatory and re distributing the contents.She has also trimmed the palms nearly a bald hair cut. Poor Simba has an ear infection which needs daily cleaning. Every night he gets on the bed for a cuddle and is coned by me with treats as Martin pins him to the bed to clean the wound. The look on his face is so reproachful, but each night he returns. I kid myself that its me he returns to but i know in reality its the treats. Missy's love of my drinking chocolate is getting out of hand. As soon as i have my cup in my hand i am under constant surveillance, and she grumbles if she thinks that i am drinking too much, she also doesn't mind sharing my tea either.

Thursday, 19 February 2009

Valentines,Trolls and Fair isle Knitting

It truly has been an unusual 2 weeks. Last week i was house bound, due to the snow, gradually i emerged to go to a Debbie Abrahams workshop and today it was so warm that i sat in a friends garden , drinking tea .But what has this to do with trolls and fair isle you may ask? I had been confined to the house for awhile as i dare not walk in the snow and ice in case i fall. The workshop with Debbie was really great. We spent a day making up a fair isle bag and learning various techniques as we went, tension, weaving etc. Debbie brought previously prepared kits and off we set . The yarn was cotton so it showed up all the little faults etc so that she could help us sort them out. I found it really useful as i am knitting her mystery blanket and some squares are in fair isle, all those ends! It took me a couple of days, but i made up an adapted version of the bag and was really pleased with it. That explained the fair isle.

The next day i had a court sitting, a very slow and drawn out one, whilst we sat waiting for clients, the Clerk of the court started showing us her troll bead bracelet. Yes there is something called a Troll bead bracelet. I was fascinated. It was like a charm bracelet but with glass beads as well as charms, it was beautiful. Martin met me for lunch and off we went to look at the shop which sold them.

Valentines day back to the shop were he brought me the bracelet, a silver scarab to remember when we married in Egypt, a rose bead in glass for Valentines and a starfish with seaweed, to remember our love of Norfolk. It is my prized possession, lucky they had a 10% day, plus a glass of champagne. On to the Knit together group at the Gradpad where a lovely afternoon was had by all. A great Valentines day.Completed with hugs and kisses from the golden woofs.

Over the weekend i managed to finish my cardigan which was great, as i am desperately trying to be good and finish things .

As for my babes, what can i say about them. Lilly has eaten my handbag, well the inside at least, plus an asthma inhaler, a calculator and several pencils. I dread to think what the inside of her stomach must be like. Missy has taken a great deal of liking to my night time drinking chocolate. Woe betide if i drink it all and not save her the last third of a cup,if i save too little she grumbles at me. Merlin is showing a few grey hairs, whilst his dad my beloved Simba is still quite sprightly, though at the moment all i can hear is his loud snores and snuffles.Tumi bless her guards Lilly at all times, she has also become our ears and woofs at everyone who knocks at our door, sometimes even when they are only coming down the path.She even lets us know when Sophie the cat wants to come in.

Monday, 9 February 2009

Arabian Nights

At last i have manged to take some photos of my mystery blanket, whose theme , i believe is the Arabian Nights. I love this square for its simplicity and its beaded work. On the news as i write, it is beng announced that that Israel is favouring a hard line approach to arabs and that one minister, is advocating that if Jews are not militant in their views, they should be expelled. I visted Israel many years ago, and even then the sense of un ease in the atmosphere was electric. Though i visited some of the most sacred sites in the world, the only place of peace i found was in galilee on the lake. A land of such stunning culture, beutiful scenery and power sites, for example the holocast museum, i came away with the feeling of how could the Jews treat the Arabs in such a way, when they themselves had been so persecuted in the past. i have been watching with great interest the program Around the world in 80 Faiths, the presenter, an Anglian priest has been investigating various world religions and sites of spirituality. This week, he visited my fathers place of birth India, a vast continent of many religious faiths. He found that the country moved him to tears, because they let each other be, a tolerant nation whose hospitality and nurture were clear to be seen. Many of the worlds great religions started there, Hinduism, Jainism, Buddism, Sikism, to name but a few, and generally they co exist.It is a sad world, when so many lives are lost fighting for there religious beliefs.

Enough of such seriousness, this square reminds me of a magic carpet, with its stripes and colours. The ends to sew in where horrendous, but the over all effect was worth the effort. Our carpet is constantly covered in dog hair, and dogs. It sits in front of the fire, and the dogs love the fire, even though they have thick woolly coats, so we have nightly battles as to whom can claim the most carpet, us mere humans can shiver.

The blue and ochre pendant were a joy to knit, i love the beads and buttons.The ochre is a desert colour and the blue is similar to alot of Bedoiun tents as seen in Morroco. The Bendoin live a very simple and nomadic life, we were lucky to be invited into a tent once. They have a few pots, a loom, rugs, saddles, and little else. Life for them has not changed for centuries. i was given a genuine Bedouin necklace, which is made up of reclaimed beads and rope. It is one of my prized possessions.

The last two squares show the easiest and the hardest squares to knit. The red one was a devil

it needed constant concentration, as every row was different, and it included beading, cables, lace and texture. I must have knittted it and ripped it apart at least 10 times it was a great lesson in patience. Sure enough we need to repeat it again this month. Six made and 4 to go for this month. The blanket is making me concentrate and knit in ways that i would have never done before. It is also bringing back memories of holoiday happennings that had slipped my mind, maybe i should re read the Arabian Nights.