Monday, 21 July 2008

Knitting on the Green

The last two weeks have been hard and hectic, hence no blog. Martin has finished his 2nd year at University and is now the proud owner of an HND in Computer Sciences, he returns to complete his degree October. He's done really well considering he has had no formal education for over 30 years. He is now building a covered gazebo, near my garden room, he calls it relaxation. It is so that i can sit and spin, without dogs. The night we tried it, with candles, coffee and supper 5 goldies joined us around the table, so much for a dog free space. Lilly is encouraging Martin in his work, by demolishing the other part of the veranda so that Martin has it cleared to build a new fence, he didn't really want to touch that part, but Lilly thought it would look better if it all matched. She has also demolished 4 cushions, 1 pair of glasses, several plants and 1 quilt. At times we do not know whether to laugh or cry with her. After the destruction, she has such a pathetically cute look on her face, yet the DAMAGE. She will grow out of it we know, but WHEN.
Red now for our surprise visitors from Cardiff. My big, little adopted brother and his partner came to see us this week, after many years of not seeing each other. ( He is bigger than me, but younger). So we had to clean out the garden room( Hide my yarn, in other words), and tidy up a bit. But it was lovely to see them after so long a time. They went home late Saturday, when we went to a friends 4oth wedding anniversary, which was great fun.
Sunday, knitting with fellow Ravelery knitters on Jesus Green, listening to a band playing the Glen Miller, war time music. The company was great, music wonderful, but of boy it was cold. Claire threatened the sun to shine, but it would not listen to her, it did stay dry. She needed to have performed a sun dance in the morning i think in order to make it shine all the time.
Must not forget other things. i managed to complete my openings Art course, and get the essay in, my reward was going to John Lewis for a yarn fix. there 50% sale was too good to miss, so yes i went back again, and a 3rd time. I now have enough yarn to keep me knitting into the next millennium, but i just could not resist. The first time visiting was to buy yarn and bits for my secret swap pal, well that's my excuse, i did buy her some lovely bits, in her favourite colours. I also brought yarn for the travelling Ted swap.
I have just joined the Travelling Ted group on Ravelry, sad i know , yes i knitted Ted, but he looked so forlorn, Martin gave him startled, shell shocked face, by placing the eyes to far apart, we dare not send him on hid travels. Instead, Baggins the bear was brought in a charity shop, to go travelling one way around the world and Penelope, the rabbit was brought to travel around Europe, i chose Baggins, Martin chose Penelope. We are making up passports and rut sacks to send them on there travels, and they will visit 10 other Ravelers, who will make things for them and write in their note books. We all have to return to our childhood some time, its that we have done it a bit earlier than most.
I have also been given a second hand mobility scooter, nick named the Silver Surfer. My cousin was going to throw it out but Martin rescued it, and fixed it for under £15. It means i can go with him when he walks the dogs, and that i don't miss seeing them frolic around. They are so funny to watch, and it helps save my poor old legs. The car can take me many places, but this means i can actually get on the common with them.

Tuesday, 15 July 2008

UK Swap Questions

  • Missed question of the week 1
  • Question of the week 2.
  • 3 guests I would invite to dinner and why.
  • Michael Palin. I love all of his travel programs and i would like to ask him about his exploits around the world. Plus Martin is a Monty Python fan. I can imagine that Palin has a wonderful sense of humour and that the conversation would be witty, humoros, yet serios at the same time.
  • Guest 2 Gandhi. I love what he did for India, his determination, pacificism, and his beliefs. My father came from India and i believe i would learn alot from him. He too had a sense of humour and a twinkle in the eye.
  • Gladys Alyward, the little lady who went to China as a missionary. I met her when i was a child, a small lady, determined, couragous, kind, what a women, a great teller of tales.
  • Question of the week 3
  • Is there a tv program you watch religiously?
  • Tribal wives, travel experiences from a womens point of view.
  • Any really good detective series or historical drama
  • What TV programmes do you avoid like the plague?
  • Any of the soaps ie East Enders, American rubbish like Friends, Reality programmes like Big Brother. To me they are all mindless rubbish.
  • Is there a Tv program that works particulary well for knitting?
  • Not really. I prefer to knit listening to audio plays, radio 4 or radio 7
  • What was or is your favourite kids program?
  • Jackanory, with all the tales being told by famous actors such as Bernard Cribbin.
  • Week 4
  • What is the worst thing you have ever knitted?
  • The recent mystery jacket on Ralvery. I enjoyed parts of it, but when i came to make it up, i hated the mixture of patterns, knitting, crochet etc and it would have fitted an elephant.
  • What are your favourite knit blogs.
  • I have never listened to one, i am fairly new to Blogs etc
  • What is the most amazing knitted thing you have ever seen?
  • I think it has to be the life size Ginger bread house, seen in pictures in various magazines, what colour, texture and pleasure it radiates!!
  • What is your favourite knitted item to wear?
  • Shawls and poncho's.
  • Week 5
  • Stop or go? Stop
  • Staying out or staying in . Staying in at home, out on holidays.
  • Small town or big city. Cambridge size, not too big or too small.
  • Happy or sad. Happy
  • Straights or circulars. Both
  • Red or Blue. Blue
  • Seaside or countryside. Both, ie Wells Next to the Sea.
  • Fish or chips. Chips, I'm allergic to fish.
  • Surprises or plans, both, each has there place.
  • Wine or beer, neither Tropucal fruit juices.
  • Sweaters or cardigans. cardigans
  • Pizza or Pasta, neither, satay chicken
  • Chopsticks or fork, either for Chinese meal, fork for english
  • Early Bird or Night Owl, In between, so twilight owlet
  • Knitting or crochet. Both
  • Hot or cold, warm