Monday, 30 March 2009

I didn't do it, a big dog did and ran away

What can you say! here is proof that our Lily is just as naughty as Marley. Caught red handed, with the content box in her mouth. Borrowed and eaten from the window sill. What can you say?

All 5 together

All 5 together
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Last week Martin and i went to see the wonderful film Marley and Me, about a really dis obediant but much loved dog. We laughed and cried, and smiled and nodded heads as we relieved some of the antics of our dogs. But we came out of the cinema realising how lucky we were to have them. It's true what the author says, give a dog your heart and he will give you his. This picture shows our five swimming like otters in pool, at the weekend. Yes they did shake over everyone!

Wednesday, 25 March 2009

I'm tired and i want to go to bed

Simba was brought to keep Poppy Company, as Sam my old Goldie died when Poppy was 1. She went into a deep depression and really did not come out of it untill Simba was over a year old. By then, he had grown up into a big boy, and it was a toss up between him and the male fox, who lived on the common, who would father her babies. Simba won, and between them they sired many pups. She had them, Simba and the others looked after them, whilst she sat and supervised from the sofa. Simba, at rest, Lily has gone to sleep, the others are dozing, so now a poor hard working dog, can try to get a bit of shut eye. Because Poppy would not play with him as a pup, due to her depression, we had to get Mishka, but that's another story.

Dancing tree for a delicate lady

This beutiful cherry tree was planted in the memory of my lovely Popppy, my dear dancing lady, who though the smallest of our pack of retrievers, ruled her pack with a will of iron. she was a fun loving,flirt, with delicate manners. She told me when it was time to fo to bed and when to share my tea. A Royal princess of dog's,who is much missed.

The black sheep of the family

Knitted from a sirdar kit, this cheeky chap reminds me that the spring is here!

Emily's cushion 4

Emilies cushion 4
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Emily's cushion 3

Emilies cushion 3
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Emily's cushion 2

Emilies cushion 2
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Emily's cushion 1

Emilies cushion 1
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Emily's Cushions

For the last few months i have been asking people to knit a square for Emily ( Stitched Rabbit)to make a house warming present, it was her first home and a first home is always special. Several members from the group, including Megknit , Rosanglaise, Sockmum, Frizzyknits.Dasma, Lucybeth and myself, contributed squares to make up cushions. I gave them to Emily, with all our love, last week , and she loved them.

Saturday, 14 March 2009

inca mist beaded corsage

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Made for the Olivia inca mist coat, croched and beaded

Inca Mist coat

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Knitted with grey alpaca wool, in feather and fan, rib and mesh stitch, with beaded corsarge

I thought i saw a pussy cat?

Sophie hidde amongst the clothes, peeering out and the world, peering into her

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I want to be alone

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I want to be alone !

Most of the photos so far on my blog have been of the dogs. But i also have a cat Sophie, a beautiful, grey, fawn and pink at with long fur and grey green eyes. She resembles the American Calico cats and came from an animal rescue centre called HOPE, in Norfolk. I wanted a bagpuss type of cat, who sat on my lap and purred. instead i have the Atilla the Hun of cats, who has claimed the entire neighbourhood for her territory. As for those inferior beings, dogs and humans, why should she care about them, she rules us all with an iron paw. Every cat rival is lead back to the garden to be dispossed of by her golden servants. Humans are either bitten or licked, depending on if she likes you or not. She costs far more to keep than the five goldies and has played havoc with ornaments,plates and dishes. She is really beutiful, and sometimes conescends to sit by my shoulders. This picture shows her sitting in one of the drwas of the wardrobe, sulking after i have just combed her through. She does allow me to comb her, but woe betide the hands others who try.

Today, i finished my grey Olivia coat, made from alpaca, in a kit Martin brought me for Christmas.Based on feather and fan, lace and rib stitches, made from wool produced by local alpacas. have also photographed the Origins wool coat, that i finished a little while ago. I haven't worn the alpaca yet, but the Origins jacket is really warm, great for the cold days that we have just had.

Wednesday, 11 March 2009

Swap information

Ravelry name, **Goldenneedles** name

Frances Small

73 Hawkins Road


Your favorite fairytale? My favourite tale is Beuty and the Beast, My second is not strictly a fairy tale. The Lord of the rings Pick two in case one of them isn’t widely published.

Which spring goddess/May Queen appeals most to you? Again not strictly a spring goddesss, but Isis the Egyptian Goddess of love and fertility or Maat the Goddess of truth and Justice

Do you garden? I love the garden, but due to poor mobilty, my husband now does it for me

What’s you favorite yarn weight? Anything hand dyed and natural Color? Colours of the sea, spring, ethnic colours or naturals. i love deep rich colours. Not black or orange or pastels other than lila. i also love turqoise and teal

Do you have any fiber allergies? Not good with mohair it makes me itch. Not too keen on chunky, its to thick for me.

Do you spin? yes. Any special fibers or colors you like? Again not pastels or orange or yellow

What sorts of sweets do you like? Mints,humbugs etc,

Do you have any food allergies? Yes, fish, plus i have Chrohns disease so i have to be careful what i eat.
Do you drink tea or coffee while knitting or reading? If so, is there any particular variety or flavor? I drink teas and coffes, i like most things but not mint,green or camomille

As usual, suggestions and additions will be most welcome.

I love many forms of arts and crafts, i knit, sew, crochet, embroider, spin, weave, silk paint and textile manipulate. I pachwork and quilt, make books, felt etc

I like beads, buttons, threads, books etc

I adore my Goldies,

I also like angels, dragonflies, the sea, nature, elephants, woods, hedgehogs, sheep, anything ethnic, hand made paper, fairy tales, travel, the Armish ,histoical crimes and mysteries, ie Sherlock Holmes, Cadfael

I cannot wear socks due to poor circulation. I am textile holic.

Tuesday, 10 March 2009

simba with new toy

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presents from a recent swap

My Ball!!!

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It,s mine

It.s my ball

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he's got my ball

Monday, 9 March 2009

We Three Kings

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After several weeks of dotting this picture mosaic style, then flooding it with colour, then dotting again, my painting of the Three Kings, based on the paintings at Knossos, was finally finished. It now needs to be embroidered upon and hung. The colours are very earthy and unusual for me to use. But i am pleased with the results. It's over 2 years since we visited Knossos, so the painting has taken it's time in formation. It was to have been my Christmas card cover, well there is always next year.
One Queen, three times
I have just found these pictures of Lily and Simba in the garden, the sofa no longer exsists, she's eaten it! But these pictures are just so cute , they remind me of why i love my goldies so.