Sunday, 7 June 2009

Her Royal Highness, the Empress Sophie

I have recently been knitting with Sublime wool, as you can see Puss has taken a real liking to the texture, and has claimed my knitting wool as her own. She sat in this box, with her head on a ball of wool for several hours, not moving. Not for her the sofa, only the best is good enough for the grey queen.
i had not realised thats it's been over a month since i have written. it has been a busy month. Martin has had exams and essays, he has nearly finished his third year of Computer Sciences. He was awarded outstanding student rep of the year for the second year running.I was so pleased for him. Next term is his Dissertation and maybe an extra module or 2 to help him fing work.
As for me, i have been on a Spinning day, two workshops, one with Debbie Abraham on colour and one with Emma King on knitting jewellery, both of which i really enjoyed and learnt alot. I have continued with my course work, knitted, painted etc and enjoyed the weather.The dogs are fine, though the dreaded baby hedgehog continues haunt them. Now they have the birds to worry about, there is no knowing the damage a baby black bird can do.
We have also been to the cinema to see Star Trek, Night at the Museum 2 and Wolverine, all of which we loved. Plus days out at the Strawberry fair, Waterbeach Barracks open day, Sue Ryder Craft day and fair and chips by the Milton Island on a moon lit night. Martin only takes me to the best places to dine.
Craft wise, i have managed to finish, some jewellery, a baby surprise jacket, a white shawl with beads and 2 Noro sock yarn shawls, one large and one small. I am 2 thirds of the way through the afternoon tea blanket, though behind with my Mystery one.
Unfortunately i have had to travel to the hospital a fair bit as i am having problems with my left hand, i cannot feel anything in much of it. X rays have shown that i have 3 bony nodules growing on various nerves, which is what is causing the trouble, but due to my unusual 2 elbows, they are being very careful before desciding if and when to operate. In the meantime, i can still knit etc, but i drop things more.
Lily the lille minx, continue to give us hours of pleasure. She is just so bright that she runs rings around the others. In order to stop her from digging up the tubs, we put sand in the plastic pool and buried treats in it for her to dig and find. Now she allows no one near HER pond and she has managed to put sand every where, yes she still digs into the pots. The dogs have new found friends, a family of ( in their minds Fearsome )hedgehogs, who live at the end of the garden and who make nightly raids, behind the pots, snorting as they go. I have had several very large dogs trying to sit on my lap, whilst these pretty little creatures get on with there nights work. Hedgehogs might eat Goldies, or at least bite, in a goldies eyes. If that was not enough, those humans have encouraged vast flocks of birds to eat from the bird table. Hundreds and hundreds of birds that won't stay still to be caught and played with.