Wednesday, 14 January 2009

Changing rooms

For the past few days we have been playing our version of changing rooms, the bedroom becoming the living room and visa versa. To those of you who do not know, i have a few mobility problems so i live downstairs. The bedroom is light and airy, the living room not so.Since you spend more time awake than asleep, at least i do, it seemed a simple thing to change rooms around.Not so, i forgot about decorating, moving sockets for TV, lights and furniture fitment. Plus all the junk and bits hidden in the down stairs hallway etc etc.Now on day 3 or so called move, Martin is fixing light fittings and the house is in chaos. I have been banished to the garden room, dogs are panic struck and general mat hem reigns.The house doctor never had these problems. A few more days and it should be OK.
I have received the first instalment of my mystery blanket, Debbie Abraham's 2009.I am having to knit it on 2.5 needles as my tension is so loose. It makes my hands really hurt if i knit with them too much. The colours are very ethnic, golds, blues,pinks red and green with a deep navy. The beads are various blues. the theme remains a mystery until it gradually reveals itself. so far i have completed 2 of my 5 squares. The beads really add to the glow of it. It feels as if it will be an abstract design but who knows.
In the mean time i am continuing with my feather and fern cardigan. i have also posted swap parcels to colour swap, valentines swap,journal swap, travelling bears and to Monique. Just winter warmers to go. Pictures to come later. Bye for now

Sunday, 4 January 2009

Winter warmer info for secret pal re Afghans

This will make little sense to any one but my secret Knitting pal, but here we go;

  • What has been your favourite finished blanket/lapghan?
  • I love making afghans of all kinds i find them relaxing to make and warm to lay under, i have knitted and croched and used both in one blanket. One day i would like to try the Babette blanket
    Do you have a favourite pattern that you'd like to make in the future?
  • I am making the Debbie Abraham mystery theme blanket at the moment, i would like to try others in her books at some time, or just a cushion. I love all the beads etc she uses.
    Do you have a favourite type of yarn for making blankets/lapghans?
  • Not really, Debbies is in cotton, i have used Double knit and aran, wools and acrylics. Debbies cushions etc are all in cotton.
Hope that helps.