Tuesday, 9 August 2011

summer fever

i have just realised that it has been well over a year since i last blogged,shame on me, but life and ill health have over taken me and the blog suffered. During all of this time, martin has completed his degree, has taken up a new hobby ,peyote bead weaving and is going to try to sell his jewellery at a craft fair. its really great, a sort of weaving technique which makes for beautiful jewellry which is hard to break. thwe dogs are older but no wiser. Simba is a bit deaf, a bit blind, arthritic and balding, but the lady dogs still love him. we have started to use our caravan in Norfolk, in order, to give us a break and the dogs more exercise. we arrive like a mini zoo, 5 dogs,1 cat and 2 humans. we have invested in a large awning,some patio furniture and a large tv, in order to make it comfortable.Through out these last few months i have developed tri-germinal neuralgia. I have took it as a warning to slow down, so i have cancelled all my groups,classes,magistrates etc in order to rest more. i still teach crafts at the central library one day a week, but have given myself the summer off. lily is still as scatty as ever,she ate, the other day, 20 bars of dog chews which clean teeth,plus biscuits and crisps to wash them down with.